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Honorable Mention for Best Show 

at the 2010 "Brass Rings Awards”.  


 Rated the #1 Attraction 

for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment


Over 14 million spectators  

7 years of production

"Azul!!!!! Birds, dolphins, whales and the team of performers.  Amazing, I could watch this over and over again. Actually I did. " (Spectator)


"The new Azul show was AWESOME, if I saw nothing else this show was completely worth every penny."  (Spectator)

"Last event of the night: Azul After Dark! If you haven’t seen it at night, then you haven’t seen this show really SHINE..." (Spectator)


“When I first saw Azul I was blown away by the dolphins, beluga whales, divers, acrobats, that funny pre-show guy and the awesome sound track."(Spectator)

"Our favorite show was the Azul show. It was amazing!"  (SeaWorld San Antonio: Traveler Reviews)

"The newest acrobatic attraction at Seaworld-AZUL is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The bright colors and music tell a wonderful story of love and adventure."  (Spectator)

"The Azul show is pretty amazing.  The aerobatics of the divers are unreal.  The pre-show entertainment is hilarious, …." (Spectator)

"… my favorite part was definitely the smile that crept up across my face when I saw the "Clown" being so hilarious... "(Spectator)


."It Brought Out the Kid in Me"!!!  (Spectator July 2012)

"...Think "Circ de Sole" meets the water. It was an amazing show with performers/trainers, beluga whales, and dolphins".  "So cool" (Spectator)

" I was amazed every time I saw your show. Thank you for the joy laughter and wonder you brought to the many people who were fortunate to experience your performances." (Jennifer L. Norton)

"This show was a powerful statement about many disciplines coming together and making magic. One of the best shows I have ever seen." (Steve Aibel)

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