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A spectacularly powerful routine from an impressive performer. A beautifully choreographed rendition of pole dancing that is executed with unmatched strength and flexibility. This exceptional and distinctive performer will forever change your perception of dance.

Pole Dance

A charismatic and mesmerizing artist that will hypnotise your guests!

Fire Manipulator

An exquisite demonstration of seemingly effortless strength and flexibility

Impeccably executed routine by an athlete of the highest calibre.

Aerial Silk

A commanding and dynamic performance

An original rendition of the hoop, this routine is fresh and is performed by a powerful artist.

Standing Hoop

A captivating performance that will impress any audience

An exciting performance of dizzying agility.

Graceful and powerful, a favorite for large corporate events.

German Wheel

A fascinating act that will hypnotise any audience.

Experience and skill together create this masterful manipulation of fire.

Fire Duo


ÔMA Entertainment Inc. is a production company that specializes in concept creation. Original or made-to-measure, our productions have limitless possibilities to make your corporate or private event unique and memorable.

ÔMA Entertainment Inc. has a variety of breathtaking shows and individual performances that can be adapted to suit any event or location.

If you are looking for a specific type of performance or an original presentation from our repertoire of pre-scripted shows, It would be our pleasure to cater to your specific needs.

Breathtaking performance that defies gravity

This ethereal display will seduce spectators.  Aerial Pole will introduce an entirely new dimension to performance art.

Aerial Pole 

A futuristic voyage for the senses. A masterful performance of light and sound.

Give your event this unique performance of lights and lasers. Multi-disciplinary show, including Pixel Performance, that can integrate images of your choosing such as company logos or texts. Create your own publicity with an original style.

Light Performance 

A stunningly graceful performance of agility and strength

This is a dynamic performer who is always able to capture an audience with her elegance.

Aerial Hoop

Spectacular effects on an impressive scale. Original and awe inspiring.


An enthralling and dynamic routine created to energize any gathering.

Silk Act

Eloquent and acrobatic, this is poetry in motion.

A fusion of athleticism and ballet, this unique presentation will certainly be a hit.

Cyr Wheel

A fast paced performance of agility and grace

This artist will dazzle you with her speed and impressive free-falls from high above.

Aerial Silk

Looking for a new way to serve up the bubbly at your function?

The aerial bartenders hang suspended from the air and pour up your event’s signature drink!

Champagne Aerialist
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