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Themes And Concepts creation

  • ÔMA has a variety of shows and concepts ready for production that can be adapted to fit all scenic dimensions.

  • Should you be seeking to develop an original concept, we can create a show that is specific to your needs.

Consultation with the client

  • ÔMA strives for high production values, professionalism and cost efficiency. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

  • During the development process, we like to consult with the client in order to offer a final product that is ultimately stronger and unique to each site.

  • ÔMA establishes a production schedule with the client and provides detailed plans that determines all deadlines to be met from pre-production to the closing of the show.


Performance and Talent

  • The elements we use cover all aspects of acrobatics: gymnastics, acrosport, trampoline, high diving, synchronized swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, circus acts and more.

  • We have access to top-level talent from around the world, including World Championship and Olympic level athletes. Our performers are carefully screened. They are disciplined and must adhere to the highest of professional standards.

Staging and choreography

  • Through choreography, the highest levels of athletic and creative talent are brought together resulting in seamless, high-energy productions that are both artistic and dynamic.

Music creation

  • ÔMA can provide both original musical compositions and sound editing for its productions.


Corporate Events

  • Whether you want to welcome guests with extraordinary entertainment, stun new clients. launch new products or treat your employees to a Christmas or summer party, we at ÔMA Entertainment Inc., want to meet and exceed your expectations and create memorable event with breath taking numbers !


Other services

  • Other services provided by ÔMA include script writing, set design, costume and prop design, design and construction of specialized equipment and ongoing quality control.


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